Land, Naval & Internal Homeland Security Systems Exhibition
28 - 31 March 2016, Naqueri Quitol in Quepem Taluka of South Goa, India

  DOs and DON’Ts
1.  Visitors are requested to co-operate during security scanning and frisking.

2.  The following items will not be permitted: Firearms, Weapons, Knives, Tools, Toy Weapons, Laser, Pointer, Briefcases, Bags, Handbags and any
     other item(s) which may cause a security threat.

3.  Smoking is not permitted.

4.  Cameras are permitted after security check.

5.  For bulk booking of students from any Educational Institution visiting the show, following details need to be submitted on letter head -
     1. Name 2. Class 3. DOB 4. ID Number
     (These credentials must be verified by their Head/Principal.)